Exposing scammers

Schizophrenic monkeys or paint-drawn monkeys. I think everybody sooner or later will face this choice, NFT already walks on the planet and sooner or later everybody will buy at least one NFT. And moreover, there will be a choice not just to buy NFTs, but to invest in their future!

Let’s look into the question of what is worth buying and answer the main question of mankind — do the lives of schizophrenics really matter?

Which collection is better? If we compare the uniqueness of the collections, I think no one will have any doubt that the Schizoape collection is better. If we talk about the price/quality ratio, then again, Ape Yacht Club is script-generated shit, while at the same time Schizoape is hand-drawn by schizophrenics and is sold extremely cheap. In fact, whichever way you look at it Schizoape is absolutely better in everything than Ape Yacht Club.

Now let’s talk about the prospects of this or that product. Ape Yacht Club offers essentially nothing but stupid pictures, they have no product development plan, they just cash in on idiots and don’t want to do anything else. At the same time Schizoape is a collection with huge prospects, firstly, the price is extremely low, everyone can afford it, and the collection is limited. Secondly, we have a product development plan for many years ahead, there is a whitepaper and roadmap, there is ultimately a goal to which we aspire. NFTs from the Schizoape collection in the future meta universe we have built will give unique abilities and their own world. To summarize, just to say don’t make a mistake. Buy Schizoape while they are so cheap, think with your head and not your ass.

And what about the other NFT collections, like Azuki and CryptoPunks? All the same, shit made by idiots for idiots, if you spend your money on it, you should go to Saxum Tarpeium.

Schizophrenic Lives Matter? If you don’t think so, I can change your mind, let’s just look at things objectively. Here’s a short list of famous schizophrenics I made in 1 minute: Isaac Newton, Friedrich Nietzsche, Vincent Van Gogh, Nikolai Gogol, Innokenty Smoktunovsky, John Nash, Philip K. Dick, Parvin Babi, Alexander Scriabin, Maya Myakila, Betty Page, Amanda Bynes, Vaclav Nijinsky, Tom Harell, Roger Keith “Syd” Barrett, Charles VI, Jim Gordon, Ernest Hemingway, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Mikhail Bulgakov, Margarita Nazarova, Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, etc.

Who moved and is moving science and humanity forward toward technical progress? Schizophrenics.

Who creates the most beautiful works of art? Schizophrenics.

Who has the most money in the world? Non-schizophrenics.

All of these statements are true, but not all of them are fair. So, we want to do justice and get the most money in the world to steer humanity’s development in the right direction. Help us, make no mistake! Invest in your future, not in the current minute trends! Buy NFTs made by real schizophrenics:





I’m a schizophrenic, an alcoholic, and an artist.

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I’m a schizophrenic, an alcoholic, and an artist.

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